Due to CoVid-19, we are currently recommending blended learning courses which includes an e-learning part you can do at home and a 1-on-1 instructor led, hands-on skills session. For more information call (928) 366-9428

Skills Session


This is the required practice and skills portion of the blended learning courses.  Students will practice with:

  • Pocket-mask ventilation
  • Chest compressions
  • Bag-mask ventilation
  • Using an AED defibrillator

Students will also work through different  scenarios so they can easily practice and learn these skills in sequence and with confidence.

*Note -  Students will need to either bring a copy of the completed blended course certificate (part 1) with them or email it to support@hnhcpr.com prior to the hands on session.

If you would like to pay cash in person at the time of your skills session you can make a reservation here -  Book an Appointment


We are located at 2527 S. 40th way, Yuma AZ 85364. Call (928) 366-9428 to schedule a class or for more information.